Cruising French Waterways

Book Description

Cruising French Waterways first appeared in 1984 and has rapidly become the leading descriptive guide to the beautiful and historic canals and rivers that flow through France. Practical details of over 5,000 miles of waterways include: maps and guides for each waterway; waterway museums and sites of special interest to inland boating enthusiasts; maximum craft dimensions; bankside facilities, moorings and repair yards; fuel and water resources; shops and restaurants; and wine regions.

Beautifully illustrated by the author, this fully revised and updated fourth edition covers all the recently restored routes and explains requirements for licenses and personal qualifications.

About McKNight, Hugh

Hugh McKnight is a foremost authority on the European waterways and their rich history, with nearly 40 years experience of exploring the network of rivers and canals of France. He lives in an 18th century manor house alongside the Lot Navigation at Aiguillon.