Hand, Reef And Steer

Traditional Sailing Skills for Classic Boats

Book Description

Tom Cunliffe is one of the world's great champions of the traditional vessel, and has been called the guru of gaff-rigg sailors. Having worked these beautiful craft all his life, his knowledge is second to none.

In Hand, Reef & Steer-winner of the Best Book of the Sea Award- Tom explains the different sailing characteristics of classic craft and shares his grasp of special skills required to handle them. He delights in describing how to handle heavy loads using tackles rather than winches and invites the reader into the mysteries of making the boat work for you rather than fighting with her gear. Specifically, he shares step-by-step advice on: setting up the rig, sail handling skills, heavy and light air sailing, maneuvering a long-keel boat, and steering with sails. Hand, Reef & Steer with its wonderful watercolor drawings and atmospheric photos will delight all who love the unique character and grace of classic craft.

About Cunliffe, Tom

Tom Cunliffe has written 25 books, including two "Best Books of the Sea" award winners. He is one of Britain's leading writers on sailing and the sea and has worked on vessels from dinghies to large gaff schooners. He edits The Shell Channel Pilot and is a columnist for Yachting Monthly, Yachting World and SAIL magazine.