A Nathaniel Drinkwater Novel

Book Description

Nathaniel Drinkwater's life at sea begins with the HMS CYCLOPS' capture of the SANTA TERESA during Admiral Rodney's dramatic Moonlight Battle of 1780. Subsequently, Drinkwater's courage and initiative are put to the test as the CYCLOPS pursues American privateers threatening British trade and is later dispatched to the swamps of South Carolina, where many lives are lost both at sea and ashore.

Gradually, Drinkwater matures into a capable and self-assured sailor. As he contends with enemy forces, the tyranny of the CYCLOPS's midshipman, and the stark contrast between the comfort of home life and the brutality of naval service, he finds strength and sustenance in the love of his beloved Elizabeth.

About Woodman, Richard

Richard Woodman has sailed ina variety of ships, rising through the ranks from apprentice to captain. A member of the Society for Nautical Research, he is the author of some two dozen nautical novels, including 14 titles in the Nathaniel Drinkwater series, as well as several non-fiction books.