Map Through the Maze

A Guide to Surviving the Criminal Justice System

Book Description

The book every prisoner should receive upon sentencing and lock-down!

Each year nearly 12 million people in the United States circulate in and out of jails, detention centers, and prisons. For most, it's a brief and eventful encounter. But for the 2.2 million who serve longer sentences, it's a chilling and costly experience punctuated with fear, distrust, fragile hope, boredom, grief, and depression. How can they best cope with a criminal justice maze that's often filled with endless barriers, deadly traps, and hopelessness?

For most people, being locked up is not the end of the world. Someday they will be released and re-enter the free world. But first, they need to meet Ned Rollo, who has walked the walk and talked the talk. He's not a naive do-gooder who wants to "fix" you, harvest your soul, or jack with your mind. His outlaw side began in 1966 at the age of 23 and includes four felony convictions resulting in over five years in state and federal joints. Upon release, he rebuilt his life by helping ex-offenders deal with both the correctional experience and their own demons.

Since 1979 Ned has been a trusted friend to thousands of inmates nationwide. This revealing book offers an in-depth mental and emotional roadmap running from the moment of felony conviction through five years following release from captivity. Focusing on the mindset of inmates, Ned shows what mental shifts need to take place in order to effectively go beyond the prison walls where a life of purpose, meaning, love, and beauty exists and is well worth living.

Designed for inmates, loved ones, and correctional educators, this book is filled with Ned's signature insights:

- understanding true freedom

- confronting the prison experience

- beating the system at its own game

- transforming thoughts and actions

- overcoming barriers to growth and self-worth

- avoiding deadly traps

- accepting responsibility and rejecting excuses

- developing a survival and success strategy

- maintaining physical and mental health

- acquiring education and vocational skills

- saying "Goodbye" and "Hello, I'm back"

- staying in touch with the ever-changing world

- controlling anger and hate

- progressing in the free world

- avoiding the dangers of trying to "catch up"

A special chapter by Louis W. Adams, D. Min., provides much needed wisdom to the families of offenders who also serve a sentence in silence. It addresses such issues as loss, grief, anger, depression, setting limits, getting help, finding support, maintaining a relationship, helping children, visiting, and homecoming. An extensive resource section puts readers in touch with the best ex-offender survival and re-entry books and DVDs. The book also is tied into a major DVD (Now What?) and training program. Together, the authors have crafted the definitive guide to surviving the correctional experience. Embrace its lessons and you'll advance into the sunlight of achievement and true freedom!

About Rollo, Ned

For more than 48 years, Ned Rollo has been active on both sides of the law – 5 ½ years in state and federal prisons and more than 40 years as a correctional educator and counselor. He has authored several popular books, videos, and training programs for ex-offenders, including 99 Days and a Get Up, Life Without a Crutch, Why Bother?, Now What?, Preparing for Success, and Man, I Need a Job.

Louis W. Adams, D.Min. has worked as a chaplain with the Texas Department of Corrections and has practiced marriage and family therapy. He also has served as director, clinical supervisor, and instructor for the Pastoral Care and Training Center at TCU.