Shallow Grave

The Unsolved Crime That Shook The Midwest

Book Description

An upright citizen kidnapped in public and dumped in a shallow grave. A police chief's wife arrested for murder. A mobster kidnapped and threatened by the FBI. And an ongoing corruption probe looking at everyone from the lowest bookie all the way up to judges and prosecutors. What is going on in small town America?
This is what happens when you are caught between a rock and a hard place, or the Milwaukee Mafia and the Chicago Outfit. The Midwest's two most powerful gangs fighting over territory and no one is safe. “Shallow Grave” features a series of colorful characters and shines light on the gritty creatures who live under the rocks of even the most innocent of cities.
Follow the exploits of the police, FBI and Bobby Kennedy himself as they try to put together the pieces and catch the bad guys… if they can.

About Schmitt, Gavin

Gavin Schmitt, author of Milwaukee Mafia, has been interviewed on radio, newspaper and the Internet for his expertise on organized crime. The author has researched Wisconsin's darker history for decades and has been published in a variety of magazines. He lives in Milwaukee, WI.