China Calls

Paving the Way for Nixon's Historic Journey to China

Book Description

In 1971 the United States had no diplomatic relations or established route of communications with China. Despite that, in a stunning act of diplomacy, President Richard Nixon announced that he would travel to China to meet with its leaders. Ron Walker, director of the White House Advance Office, was chosen to make it all happen. This is the story of Walker and his team.

China Calls is based on the actual transcripts of telephone calls between the advance team in Peking and the White House in Washington. Much is known about Nixon’s actual visit, but the story of how it all came together has never been told until China Calls. This 40th Anniversary Edition has an updated epilogue and additional photos.

About Walker, Anne Collins

Anne Collins Walker is the wife of Ron Walker. She is a blogger and writer who is active in politics, parks, and community service. Anne and Ron now divide their time between Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Tucson, Arizona.