Dr. Ruth Talks about Grandparents

Advice for Kids on Making the Most of a Special Relationship

Book Description

Recognizing that visits to grandparents can seem strange or even intimidating to kids, Dr. Ruth offers advice to grandchildren on what they can do to establish and strengthen a relationship with grandparents and other seniors. Recommending shared activities, Dr. Ruth explains how letter-writing, going over family photos, and even showing how to use a computer or program a VCR can improve the ties with grandparents. Dr. Ruth also addresses the needs of children whose grandparents have passed away, offering guidance on building relationships with other older mentors.

About Westheimer, Dr. Ruth K.

Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer is the author of sixteen books, including Dr. Ruth's Guide to College Life: The Savvy Student's Handbook and The Art of Arousal. Pierre Lehu is a co-author of Dr. Ruth's Guide to College Life.