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Astronaut Photography of Earth 2017 Calendar

Book Description

TheInternational Space Station is primarily a science laboratory inspace, but the many astronauts who have made it a home since itsfirst occupants moved in on November 2, 2000, have made an art ofphotographing Earth's stunning geography through changing light andweather conditions. Flying near to 248 miles above Earth, circlingthe globe every 92 minutes at 17,500 mph, and inexorably drawn to thescenery below, the space station denizens saw the globe so many timesdaily, they got to know their favorite land formations and the bestconditions to record and savor. Photos from ISS astronauts, who havemade these glimpses of Earth famous, such as Chris Hadfield, areincluded.

Thesephotos are the best of a very special archive. There are images ofSaskatchewan, the Florida Keys, the California coast, a hurricane in the Caribbean,Boston, the lights of New York and Paris as never seen before, and the deserts ofAustralia, and more. The colors are simply astounding! The beautifulyet almost abstract images will make this calendar a lovely gift foreveryone.

About NASA

NASA maintains a "Gateway to Astronaut Photography" that archives hundreds of thousands of images, from which these have been selected. NASA headquarters are located in Houston, TX.