Lost Ireland


Book Description

LostIreland: 1860–1960 presentsa panoramic sweepof Ireland's forgotten built heritage. Fromwar and insurrection, to prosperity and development,the changes wrought by history havemeant that a whole swathe of our built pastno longer survives, save through the magicof the camera lens. Drawingon a variety of photographic archives,this book offers awide sample of what was lost to these changes:the humble mud huts of the transient labourer,and the ‘thatched mansions' of the prosperousfarmer; the edifices of industrial innovationand technology; the grand homes ofthe well-to-do, including the infamousbighouse'.

Organized by county, LostIreland revealsa layer of Irish historywhich is both fascinating and nostalgic, notjust in its ‘bricks and mortar' but also inthe events and the people who inhabited thosesettings.

About Derham, William

WilliamDerham studied architecture at the DublinInstitute of Technology, and building repair& conservation at Trinity College Dublin.For the last eight years he has worked atDublin Castle as a guide and curator.

Heis the joint editor of TheChapel Royal, DublinCastle: An Architectural History,and co-curatorof the accompanying exhibition, Pinnacles,Pomp and Piety: 200 years of the ChapelRoyal at Dublin Castle.