Space, Light, and Harmony

The Story of Crystal Hermitage

Book Description

Space, Light, and Harmony is an adventure in design, building, and living. It is the truestory of the evolution of a homefrom initial planning to interior decoratingthatserves as a powerful metaphor for personal development.Years ago, J. Donald Walters withdrew to the woods in a personal search for clarity. Indesigning his home, he felt that it must reflect this inner search. In the process of building,the author explores practical topics such as what a home should express, architecturalchoices, interior design, and how to select art for your home. He also discusses deeperprinciples behind these choices such as the importance of myth, the meaning of friendship,and the need to find balance in our lives. Four-color photographs throughout, presented ina gift-book format.J. Donald Walters is the founder of the seven Ananda communities and is the author ofover 80 books and the composer of more than 400 pieces of music. His books and musichave sold over 3 million copies worldwide and been translated into 27 languages.

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