Using Prototyping in Instructional Design

Book Description

Storyboarding and prototyping are key parts of the instructional design process that should not be skipped. Starting the overall design process with a storyboard provides a high-level outline of the intended outcomes of the module, and is an effective way to gather ideas in a graphical format before moving on the physical prototype. Interface prototyping then allows instructional designers to map out the navigation of a training module and garner feedback from stakeholders and users early in the design process. Gathering this information helps designers make decisions about the layout and placement of elements, such as buttons, images, and clickable interactions within the overall arrangement of an interface.

This TD at Work will help you:
• Define storyboarding and prototyping.
• Explain how to storyboard your e-learning solution.
• Show you how to create a physical prototype for feedback.
• Instruct on how to create a wireframe digital prototype.
• Help you create a refined prototype for the final interface design.

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