From Average to Awesome

Lessons for Living an Extraordinary Life

Book Description

Ever wish you had your own personal career and life coach, giving you advice and cheering you on? Now you do!

Jim Smith Jr.'s energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Catch them—and enjoy your own journey From Average to Awesome.

Start reading at any point because, like success, getting to awesome is not a linear step-by-step process. Dozens of uplifting, true-life stories tell how others have catapulted themselves from mediocrity to stellar achievement—despite long odds. Each chapter ends with a self-quiz to help you reflect upon your own situation, rate your level of awesomeness, and move forward.

About Smith Jr., Jim

A sought-after motivational speaker, Jim Smith Jr. is the author of the bestselling book From Average to Awesome: Lessons for Living an Extraordinary Life (ASTD Press, 2008) and co-author (along with Ken Blanchard, Mike Van Hoozer, Jack Canfield, John Christensen, and others) of the leadership book, The Masters of Success (Insight Publishing, 2006).

He is known for connecting with, encouraging, and challenging his audiences to be outstanding. He is president and chief executive officer of JIMPACT Enterprises and works with his clients in the area of professional trainer development, leadership, motivation, inclusion, and professional development. Prior to forming JIMPACT, he worked in leadership positions for the Bob Pike Group, Simmons Associates, CoreStates Bank, the Vanguard Group of Investments, and Prudential's American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Operations.