Put Emotional Intelligence to Work

Equip Yourself for Success

Book Description

Put Emotional Intelligence to Work provides a background on the concept of emotional intelligence, the awareness and ability to manage ones emotions in a healthy and productive manner. This title features tips for achieving peak performance, cognitive and behavioral strategies for emotional self-management, and instructions for changing long-entrenched patterns of behaviors. An action planning model provides a blueprint for individual and group implementation of these powerful, life-changing principles.

About Feldman, Jeff

Jeff Feldman is President of Eagle's View Enterprises, and is a trainer, speaker, and personal achievement coach. His extensive client list includes 3M, BASF, US Federal OPM, and General Electric. He resides in Bunker Hill, West Virginia.

Karl Mulle is a dynamic keynote speaker with more than 20 years experience in adult education and working with Fortune 500 companies as a corporate trainer and coach. He Resides in Edina, Minnesota.