Tales of Yesterday's Florida Keys


Book Description

A collection of stories of people and events in the Florida Keys extending from the time the Keys were first occupied by humans, through the Second Seminole War, the coming of the Overseas Railway, and finally the opening of the first Overseas Highway in 1927. The tales tell of American Indians, Cubans, Bahamians, New Englanders, and of fishing, turtling, shipwreck salvaging, warring, and of course dealing with heat and mosquitoes. John Viele's three volumes, The Florida Keys, have been Keys bestsellers for years. Now he presents a fascinating new batch of historical vignettes.

About Viele, John,

John Viele is a retired naval officer and former submarine commander who now lives on Cudjoe Key, Florida. A lifelong interest in history and a deep love for the Florida Keys led him to research and write Keys history stories for local newspapers and magazines. He serves on the board of directors of the Key West Maritime Historical Society and is a frequent lecturer on Keys history.