Book Description

Ted Stevens' new client is a mental patient who is either a delusional, psychotic killer or an innocent man framed for the murder of his psychologist—or maybe both. Nathan Hart, incarcerated for the brutal murder of his family, hears voices and believes that a secret organization known only as the Unit is out to get him. Is the Unit responsible for the murder of Dr. Aaron Rosenberg in an effort to keep Nathan confined to a mental hospital? Or is something more sinister afoot? Ted needs to uncover the truth quickly. His life—and that of his family—will depend on it.

About Lewis, Terry

Florida circuit judge Terry Lewis devotes much of his spare time (when not writing and judging) to law-related education, both for active judges through the Florida Judicial College and for young people through programs like Teen Court and Mock Trial Competition. He is well known throughout the state in judicial circles.