Time Traveler's Guide to Florida


Book Description

For those who believe that the best way to understand someone is to walk a mile in his or her shoes, Florida's rich history features those whose footwear ranged from Native American moccasins to astronauts' boots. And there are plenty of opportunities to actually walk in those shoes. You can join in all sorts of historical reenactments—in full costume if you like. You have the unique opportunity to relive a part of Florida's long and fascinating past. You can also travel forward into the future.

A sample of the times you can visit:

  • 12,000 B.C.: Stone Age and Primitive Arts Festival in Ochlockonee
  • 1565: The Menendez Landing Event in St. Augustine
  • 1586: Drake's Raid on St. Augustine
  • 1650–1725: The Pirates of Fort Taylor in Key West
  • 1690s: Military Muster at Castillo San Luis in Tallahassee
  • Late 1700s: The Living Village of Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki in the Big Cypress Seminole Reservation
  • 1835: The Dade Battle at Bushnell
  • 1864: The Battle of Olustee in Baker County
  • 1870: A Cane Boil at Morningside Farm in Gainesville
  • 1898: A Spanish-American War Event at Fernandina Beach
  • 1945: VE Day in Florida at The Villages
  • 2025: The Zero-G Flights at Cape Kennedy
  • est. 2050: Jules Undersea Lodge inKey Largo
The day has arrived for this new kind of travelogue, which reveals not only places to visit but also time periods to experience. This is a book for today's explorers of place and space, past and future. This is The Time Traveler's Guide to Florida.

About Powell, Jack

After spending twenty years in the military as a pediatrician and pediatric cardiologist, Jack Powell retired – but not for long. He was recruited to set up a practice in central Florida, where he and his wife, Jean, still live today. The state's unique history and folklore sparked his interest, leading to research and, eventually, his two books with Pineapple Press.