The Young Naturalist's Guide to Florida


Book Description

Completely updated new edition.

A treasure trove of information and suggestions on where and how to look for Florida's most interesting natural features and creatures.

    Florida's Special Places: unique environments and habitats such as the Everglades, coral reefs, sinkholes, salt marshes, and beaches
  • Flora and Fauna: fascinating species that inhabit Florida such as alligators, birds of prey, and native plants
  • How everyone can help protect Florida's priceless natural resources
  • Glossary explains unfamiliar words
Take this book on your next walk in the woods.

About Lantz, Peggy

Peggy Sias Lantz is a native Floridian and former editor of publications for both the Florida Native Plant Society and Audubon of Florida. She has written four books and numerous articles. She lives in central Florida on the same lake where her grandfather settled in 1914 and her father grew up.