Texas Towns

From Abner to Zipperlandville

Book Description

To see Weeping Mary you've got to head to Texas. The grand state even boasts a Little Hope.

Texas Towns is a smart volume full of peculiar places. Author Don Blevins is generous in his detailing of the counties, routes, and landmarks that distinguish the hundreds of villages with quirky names scattered throughout the Lone Star State. And you'll learn some history along the way: the dates these curious settlements began, early inhabitants, previous names of the villages, and how each town's name came to be.

As you travel through the alphabet of Texas in this book, you'll learn the history of the unique town in which you live. Or get educated about a place like Blowout Community, just another little piece of Texas.

About Blevins, Don

Don Blevins is a member of the Texas State Historical Association, the Writers League of Texas, and the Coalition of Texas Writers. He has published two books and written articles for more than 50 magazines including American History Illustrated and True West. He is a longtime resident of San Marcos, Texas.