Texas Indian Trails

Book Description

Connect the past with the present in Texas Indian Trails and appreciated this state's rich heritage by visiting the landmarks and campsites used by the Indians of Texas. This guidebook allows Texas natives and visitors to experience the Texas landscape as the Indians once knew it. Through local history and folklore, Texans will grow a new appreciation for their rich heritage, and visitors can learn to know Texas as the natives do.

About Gelo, Daniel J.

Daniel J. Gelo is professor of anthropology and interim dean at the University of Texas, San Antonio. He has conducted field research with, and frequently lectures on, Texas Indians and is the author of numerous journal and encyclopedia articles on American Indians. He lives in San Antonio with is wife and two sons.

Wayne J. Pate has been a professional educator in Texas for more than thirty years. The author of a historical novel about the Comanche in prereservation days, he has extensive experience with the process of identifying historically significant sites for Native Americans. A native of Denver City, Texas, he now lives "abroad" in Houston.