Volunteers in the Texas Revolution

The New Orleans Greys

Book Description

A large number of volunteers came to Texas in the 1830s: some for the promise of free land; a few for the cause of constitutional freedoms; many came for the adventure and a good fight. Such a group came to Texas in 1835. As a unit, they were born in a New Orleans coffee arcade on October 13, 1835. Only 175 days later they had been destroyed as a military unit, and only a handful survived.

During that 175 days they were the most effective fighting force to serve in Texas during the seven-month revolution. They are the only Anglo Texas unit to have fought at Bexar, the Alamo, San Patricio, Agua Dulce, Refugio, Coleto, and Goliad. A few survivors even served at San Jacinto. Their story is one of courage and fighting skill. They were ruthless in battle, yet companssionate in victory, and they are hardly ever mentioned in Texas history books. They were the New Orleans Greys.

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