San Francisco Uncovered

Book Description

Behind the bay windows of Victorian houses angled along steep streets, beyond flowering lawns of Pacific Heights mansions, beneath the city streets of the Tenderloin District, there exists a place known as San Francisco—a city where Ding Dong Daddies clang out their unique rhythm on cable car bells and where citizens live with the constant threat of the next killer earthquake. Roll away the fog and layers of time and you will uncover such colorful characters as the King of Pain and the Pet of the Prostitutes who frequented San Francisco's notorious Barbary Coast.

This book is full of history, rare and vintage photographs, high-profile crime, and revelations, but most of all, it is fun to read. You will be entertained, shocked, and amazed, but when you finish, you will have discovered the City by the Bay.

About Roberts, Larenda Lyles