Pirates of the North Atlantic

Book Description

Inthe seventeenth, eighteenth, and even nineteenth centuries, the NorthAtlantic Ocean was an extremely attractive place to pirates. In thesewaters, pirate crews could ambush Spanish ships filled with gold andNewfoundland ships filled with salted fish and hide fugitive ships inisolated coves, such as in the Annapolis Valley. In an easy-to-readliterary style, William Crooker brings together for the first timethe pirate stories most tightly bound to our cold waters. He recountsbone-chilling episodes of greed and murder on the high seas, andreminds us of our ties to famous ships like Saladin, Zero, andTeazer. The bestselling author of Oak Island Gold, Crooker is amaster storyteller who will easily capture the imagination of anyreader brave enough to face the Pirates of the North Atlantic.

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