I Wrote That One Too ...

A Life in Songwriting from Willie to Whitney

Book Description

One of the most successful songwriters and composers of the last 25 years Steve Dorff has penned over 20 Top 10 hits for pop and country artists around the world including Barbra Streisand Celine Dion Blake Shelton Smokey Robinson Kenny Rogers Ray Charles Anne Murray Whitney Houston George Strait Dolly Parton Judy Collins Cher Dusty Springfield Ringo Starr and Garth Brooks. He has scored for television shows including ÊGrowing PainsÊ ÊMajor DadÊ ÊMurder She WroteÊ ÊRebaÊ and several films including ÊAny Which Way but LooseÊ for which he penned the titular song and more recently he has embarked on Broadway (forthcoming musical ÊJosephineÊ). Chronicling his four decades behind the music Steve Dorff gives anecdotes advice and insights into his journey. The book follows Steve from his childhood in Queens to Manhattan to Nashville and to his eventual arrival in Los Angeles California. Oftentimes songs are attributed to the singers who perform them but it is the songwriter who really knows the story behind the story from conception to execution. Full of heartfelt stories hard-earned wisdom and delightful wit ÊI Wrote That One Too . . .Ê is a great read for musicians music fans and whoever has chased their dreams and survived the surprising but often serendipitous turns in the road.

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