Jack the Ripper FAQ

All That's Left to Know About the Infamous Serial Killer

Book Description

Exactly who ÊwasÊ Jack the Ripper the infamous Victorian serial killer? ÊJack the Ripper FAQÊ explores this question in depth with a thorough overview not only of the world's most notorious serial killer but also of the cultural impact that remains as powerful more than 130 years on from his murderous spree. Every murder attributed to him is discussed in depth together with a number more that may have been his work; the book also details the myriad different suspects that have been mentioned over the years.ÞÊJack the Ripper FAQÊ investigates the world in which the Ripper operated with chapters discussing the factors that made it possible for him to act with such apparent impunity. Also covered are the policemen who tried to capture him the journalists who tried to illustrate his motives and the private investigators who raised theories that are still being discussed today.ÞThe book also revisits the movies novels and comic books that have tried to solve the mystery. But still the inescapable fact is we still do we not know who the Ripper was!

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