Everything's Bigger in Texas

The Life and Times of Kinky Friedman

Book Description

Kinky Friedman has always maintained his Kinkster persona and hidden Richard Friedman from the public eye. Using one-liners humor and occasional rudeness he follows the advice of his friend Bob Dylan to keep an aura of mystery. Author Mary Lou Sullivan spent many contentious days and nights at Kinky's Texas Hill Country ranch before he trusted her enough to open up and speak candidly.ÞBest known as an irreverent cigar-chomping Jewish country-and-western singer turned author turned politician Kinky has dined on monkey brains in the jungles of Borneo supped with presidents and vacationed with Bob Dylan in the tiny fishing village of Yelapa Mexico.ÞA satirist who loves pushing the envelope he's been attacked onstage received bomb threats and put on the only show in Austin City Limits' history deemed too offensive to air.ÞFrom the 1970s music scene in L.A. with Tom Waits and the Band to political platforms advocating legalized marijuana to friendships with John Belushi Joseph Heller Don Imus Willie Nelson Dwight Yoakam and Billy Bob Thornton this is the candid account ä based on dozens and years of interviews ä of the larger-than-life Texan who is still writing books and songs recording albums and performing for enthusiastic audiences throughout the world.

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