The Bass Book

A Complete Illustrated History of Bass Guitars

Book Description

In California in the early '50s the Fender company introduced the world's first electric bass guitar. They couldn't have known known it then but the Precision Bass would start a revolution in the sound of popular music. This book explains how that revolution happened and how its reverberations are still felt today.ÞThe two-guitars-bass-and-drums lineup that would define pop music found its heart with the Fender bass. In the coming decades the bass guitar provided the solid foundation upon which much modern music is still built. ÊThe Bass BookÊ is the first to study its story with the full lowdown of the most important bass players and bass makers. Brands featured in the book include Alembic Danelectro Epiphone Fender Fodera Gibson Hofner Ibanez Lakland Line 6 Music Man Peavey Rickenbacker Sadowsky Spector Squier Steinberger Wal Warwick and Yamaha.ÞOriginal interviews with makers of bass guitars from the past and present illuminate the book with the popular establishment of the bass during the '60s and '70s examined in detail along with more recent developments such as the popularity of the five-string bass. There is an exclusive interview with Paul McCartney and other bassists who feature in the story including Stanley Clarke Flea James Jamerson Jaco Pastorius and Robert Trujillo.ÞDozens of unusual desirable and rarely seen basses are presented in high-quality photos. A reference section provides a wealth of information on the key makers. ÊThe Bass BookÊ has all you need to know about the story of the bass guitar in one stylish readable volume and this revised and refreshed third edition brings the story right up to date.

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