Foraging the Rocky Mountains

Finding, Identifying, And Preparing Edible Wild Foods In The Rockies

Book Description

The Rocky Mountain region's diverse geography overflows with edible plant species. From salsify to pearly everlasting, currants to pine nuts, Foraging the Rocky Mountains guides you to 85 edible wild foods and healthful herbs of the region. This valuable reference guide will help you identify and appreciate the wild bounty of the Rocky Mountain states. This guide also includes::

  • detailed descriptions of edible plants and animals
  • tips on finding, preparing, and using foraged foods
  • recipes suitable for the trail and at home
  • detailed, full-color photos
  • a glossary of botanical terms

About Morgan, Lizbeth

Liz Morgan, MA, JD, NTP, RWP lives In the mountains of Colorado where she spends her time skiing, foraging, hiking, stand up paddling, cooking and practicing yoga. Professionally, Liz is a Functional Nutritional Therapist with a private practice seeing clients. She specializes in combining the nutritional lessons of our ancestors with the wisdom of modern science to understand the needs of modern humans and help them regain their health and vitality. Liz studied ancient food systems as an anthropology student at Colgate University. She studied food security and food policy as a graduate student at Vermont Law School. Liz has had a lifelong interest in wild foods and even wrote her first booklet on wild edible plants (of northeastern Ohio) in the third grade! Learn more about Liz’s work and connect with her at