It Happened In Rocky Mountain National Park

Stories of Events and People that Shaped a National Park

Book Description

From an out-of-control wildfire that nearly destroyed a town to a serial spouse killer in Estes Park, It Happened in Rocky Mountain National Park looks at intriguing people and episodes from the history of Colorado’s largest national park.

Learn how two teens’ attempt to scale the Diamond—a sheer granite cliff so dangerous that climbing it used to be outlawed—resulted in one of the most complicated rescues in the park’s history. Read about the life and untimely demise of Rocky Mountain Jim, who was badly scarred by a grizzly bear attack and earned a reputation as an eccentric but highly skilled wilderness guide. And meet Harriet Peters, an unusually tenacious girl who summited 14,259-foot-tall Longs Peak at the tender age of eight.

About Perry, Phyllis J.

Phyllis J. Perry has lived in Boulder, Colorado for forty years within an hour’s drive of Rocky Mountain National Park. She and her husband visit the park in all seasons of the year to photograph its beauties, and to enjoy hiking, cross country skiing, fishing, and camping.