It Happened In Oregon

Stories of Events and People that Shaped Beaver State History

Book Description

From a volcanic eruption that created the deepest lake in North America to a freighter wreck that took nine years to clean up, It Happened in Oregon looks at intriguing people and episodes from the history of the Beaver State.

Meet Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, the affluent leader of an eastern religious sect that attempted to take over a small town in Oregon to establish a spiritual corporate headquarters. Relive the Lewis and Clark Expedition’s “Showerey wet and disagreeable” Christmas at Fort Clatsop. And find out what caused the tragic, excruciating deaths of dozens of patients at Oregon State Hospital during one night in 1942.

About Crutchfield, James A.

James A. Crutchfield is the author of more than fifty books dealing with various aspects of American history and biography, and is the creator of the popular “It Happened In. . . .” series. He and his wife, Regena, reside in their pre–Civil War home in Franklin, Tennessee.