Yoga for Surfing

Tips, Techniques, and Living the Flow State

Book Description

Yoga for Surfing is a visual, instructional guide designed to walk readers through approximately thirty-five yoga poses that are effective in stretching the muscles that surfers use most, and strengthening the muscles that they use least. The book includes chapters on anatomy and alignment principles specific to the movements of paddling for surfers, and includes tips on proper surfing technique, performance focus, relaxation, and short stories about surfing injuries healed via yoga. One to three photos demonstrate each pose, with clear, concise text on how to get into and hold the poses.

About Konah, Dashama

Dashama is a yoga, health and happiness expert with books, DVDs and online training programs distributed worldwide. She is the founder of Pranashama Yoga Institute, leading yoga teacher trainings and retreats globally. An innovator in the field of yoga, as a result of her love of the ocean through surfing and paddle boarding, she created the fusion water sport known globally know as SUP Yoga, Paddle Board Yoga. She has been featured worldwide on magazine covers, newspaper articles, TV news and online media as an expert, athlete, teacher and innovator.