Tiny New York

The Smallest Things in the Biggest City

Book Description

In a city with some of the most expensive real estate in the world, New Yorkers are used to doing more with less space. It’s not unusual for them to stuff shoes into ovens and fold beds into walls. But they don’t just apply this ingenuity to their apartments. Big Apple business owners have been cramming wares into pint-sized spaces way before “Microapartments” and “Tiny Homes” were even a thing. While its subject matter may be small spots, the book offers an expansive view into human resourcefulness in one of the world’s biggest cities. From gritty basements to posh brownstones, these micro places are permanent structures wedged in alleyways, sub-basements, and tiny triangles of land where third-generation New Yorkers to newly arrived immigrants are all making their big dreams come to life in little spaces. Tiny New York is a visual and tactile curiosity that is too irresistible not to pick up!

About Siegel, Suzi

SUZANNE SIEGEL SLATER grew up in a little apartment in the Bronx. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Boston University and went on to write for newspapers and magazines. After five years as a special advisor to the Philadelphia Police Department devising strategies to reduce gun violence, she quit her job and sold everything to travel the world. She dispatched live updates for her “Suzi Wanders” segment, which aired regularly on Q100’s “The Bert Show” and awrote lifestyle and fashion pieces for Marie Claire. She now works for the J. Walter Thompson Company advertising agencies in Manhattan.