Large Mammals of the Rocky Mountains

Everything You Need to Know about the Continent’s Biggest Animals—from Elk to Grizzly Bears and More

Book Description

This is the ultimate guide to big mammals of the Rocky Mountains—Elk, Grizzly Bears, Wolves, Bison, Black Bears, Moose, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Lions, and Whitetail Deer. This book offers up substantive yet easily digestible information on these big mammals, from where they live to what they prey on to how they communicate and more. More than 400 full-color photographs throughout make this a keepsake reference for years to come.

About Ballard, Jack

A writer, photographer, and naturalist, Jack Ballard is a frequent contributor to numerous regional and national publications. He has written hundreds of articles on wildlife and wildlife-related topics. His photos have been published in numerous books, calendars, and magazines. Jack has received multiple awards for his writing and photography from the Outdoor Writers Association of America and other professional organizations. He holds two master’s degrees and is an accomplished public speaker, entertaining students, conference attendees, and recreation conservation groups with his compelling narratives. When not wandering the backcountry, he hangs his hat in Red Lodge, Montana. See more of his work at