Florida Disasters

True Stories of Tragedy and Survival

Book Description

Facing Unimaginable Events With Courage

It's only human to be fascinated by disasters--and uplifted by reports of survival in the face of overwhelming circumstances. This book takes you back to Florida's most catastrophic events, vividly re-creating the moments that changed the state forever. The twenty-five true stories presented here are a chilling reminder to expect the unexpected.

From the Great Citrus Freeze of 1895 and tidal wave of 1935 to the Apollo fire of 1967 and Challenger disaster of 1986, Florida has been the site of some of the nation's most dramatic moments. Each account in this book reveals not only the circumstances surrounding the disaster and the magnitude of the devastation, but also the courage and ingenuity displayed by those who survived and the heroism of those who helped others, often risking their own lives in rescue efforts.

About Wright, E. Lynne

E. Lynne Wright is a writer based in Vero Beach, Florida. Her articles and stories have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers as well as anthologies and literary journals.