Orvis From Lure to Fly

Book Description

For any fisher who wonders: “What's this fly fishing thing all about?"

What makes this book different from other entry-level fishing books is that at each and every juncture, it empowers anglers to translate and transfer their pre-existing knowledge bases and skill-sets, rather than asking them to learn a new sport from scratch.

The book progresses species-by-species as it introduces and reinforces core fly fishing concepts, all while using, whenever possible, analogs from the conventional fishing world. Each chapter will give anglers ideas for using their new skills on waters they already fish in pursuit of species they already understand. Readers will not only learn how to perform a number of different actions with a fly rod, they will gain a perspective on what different fly fishing opportunities are available to them as they progress through the sport. Whatever their preference – trout, bass, muskies, or more - this book is their gateway.

About Karczynski, Dave

Dave Karczynski is a travel writer and award-winning photographer specializing in sporting culture and outdoor narrative. A recipient of the Robert Traver Award in 2012, he is a regular contributor to MidCurrent, Outdoor Life, Fly Rod & Reel, The Flyfish Journal, The Drake, This Is Fly and many others. When not on the water or in the woods, Dave teaches creative writing and photography at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.