Wildest Lives of the Frontier

America Through the Words of Jesse James, George Armstrong Custer, and Other Famous Westerners

Book Description

By and about the greatest celebrities of frontier America, these are the stories of their adventures told in their own words through excerpts from autobiographies, articles they wrote, newspaper interviews, private journals, intimate letters, and court testimony.

Read these personal accounts as told by Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clark, Sacagawea, Davy Crockett, Black Hawk, John C. Frémont, Kit Carson, John Sutter, Buffalo Bill, Mark Twain, Jesse James, Cole Younger, Frank James, George Armstrong Custer, Crazy Horse, and Sitting Bull.

This book offers a rare glimpse into the world of these legendary figures as they describe their own heroic exploits, dangerous rescues, fierce battles, deadly gunfights, horrible crimes, thrilling discoveries, and harsh dangers of life on the frontier of the American West, while revealing the roles they played in the notable events that made them famous.

About Stephens, John Richard

John Richard Stephens began writing books in 1987. Prior to becoming an author, he held a wide variety of occupations ranging from work as a psychiatric counselor in two hospitals to being an intelligence officer and squadron commander in the U.S. Air Force. John has had twenty-one books published so far, including Wildest Lives of the Wild West: America through the Words of Wild Bill Hickok, Billy the Kid, and Other Famous Westerners, Gold: First-Hand Accounts from the Rush that Shaped the West (both by TwoDot), Commanding the Storm (Lyons Press), Weird History 101, and Wyatt Earp Speaks.