Haunted Maryland

Dreadful Dwellings, Spine-Chilling Sites and Terrifying Tales

Book Description

Maryland’s most famous ghostly resident would have to be Edgar Allen Poe, and he haunts several locales around the city. He also has a famous, almost supernatural, visitor who visited Poe’s grave on Poe’s birthday for decades but whose identity remains a mystery. But Poe and his “toaster” are not the only ghosts that creep around the Maryland. This collection of stories of ghosts, mysteries, and paranormal happenings will leave readers delightfully frightened.

About Oordt, Darcy

Darcy Oordt grew up in a ghostly desert: not one known haunted house in her hometown of Blue Earth, Minnesota. It wasn’t until she moved to Tennessee that she experienced her first ghost while working as a guide for a “ghost” tour. Her first book Finding Success After Failure: Inspirational Stories of Famous People Who Persevered and Won Out, tells about the early failures of famous people and how they overcame them. In her free time, Darcy enjoys swimming with sharks, flipping houses, and exploring museums in exotic locations…if by “enjoy” you mean watching it on television. When she is not writing, you will usually find her making jewelry or crafts, fussing with one of her freshwater aquariums, or spending time with her pets. She is also the author of Haunted Philadelphia.