Six Weeks in the Sioux Tepees


Book Description

Clashes between white and Indian societies are erupting into war when Sarah Wakefield is taken captive in 1862. She is the wife of an Agency doctor and a known friend of the Sioux. As desperate Sioux warriors attack the Agency, Sarah falls victim to the circumstances. In her narrative of the six weeks she is held captive, she vividly describes her trials, anguish, and pain, both physically and psychologically. Caught between two cultures, she is a woman and a mother struggling with a situation thrown upon her and her family. When she returns to white society, she finds that her battles are not over yet.With this reprint of the classic narrative of her survival, readers will come to know the Sioux culture and appreciate her struggle on the Great Plains.
Six Weeks in the Sioux Tepees is a reprint of the classic narrative of Sarah Wakefield's survival. Told in her own words, this compelling tale was a best seller when it was originally published more than one hundred years ago. Today it offers readers a unique perspective on Sioux culture and what life was like on the Great Plains in mid-nineteenth-century America.

About Wakefield, Sarah F.

Sarah F. Wakefield penned the story of her six-week captivity by the Sioux after her reintegration into white society.