Historical Tours Alexandria, Virginia

Walk the Path of America's Founding Fathers

Book Description

Alexandria is one of America’s most important Colonial towns. Sitting in the shadow of the nation’s capital, it was the home of George Washington, the launching point of the French and Indian war, and the site of the Thomas Jefferson’s inaugural ball. Alexandria is now the site of hundreds of architecturally and historically significant buildings, streets named after the heroes of America’s founding, and is home to numerous boutiques and gourmet restaurants. Historical Tours: Alexandria, Virginia takes the reader on an exploration of this storied American city from its beginnings, including the history behind its street names and founding families. Included are biographies, archival photos, maps, and timelines that add further texture to the history of this remarkable place.

About Knops, Frederick

Frederick Knops lives and works in Alexandria. All of the author’s profits will be donated to ACT for further donation to Alexandria charities.