An Insider's Guide to Gardening under the Big Sky

Book Description

The Montana Gardener's Companion explains how to identify and address common shortcomings of Montana soils, including alkaline soils (the most common soil in Montana), acidic soils (found in some soils in the mountains and near Great Falls), and salty soils (found especially in eastern Montana and in areas west and northwest of Great Falls east of the Divide and in the far northeastern portions of Sheridan County). This book explains the different climates of eastern and western Montana, the effect of elevation on growing seasons, and how Montana gardeners can lengthen their growing seasons through careful plant selection, choosing the correct exposure, planting properly on slopes and using season-extending products.

About Moore-Gough, Cheryl

Cheryl Moore-Gough, M.S., is the Montana State University Extension state horticulturist and the Montana Master Gardener program coordinator. She has authored more than fifteen extension service publications, regular biweekly columns that appear in forty area newspapers, and articles for Fine Gardening, American Nurseryman, and Montana Magazine. She is the present host of Northern Garden Tips. This is her second gardening book. When not involved in gardening, Cheryl trains in and teaches the Japanese martial art of aikido. She holds the rank of sandan, or third-degree black belt.