Massachusetts Made

Homegrown Products by Local Craftsman, Artisans, and Purveyors

Book Description

A unique guidebook and local resource full of hundreds of things to find and buy, crafts to discover, factories to explore, and history to uncover––all made in Massachusetts. Hundreds of the state's top cottage industries––all places that you can shop and/or tour––are showcased. Organized by product type, categories include ceramics/pottery, clothing/accessories, furnishings/furniture, glassware, home décor, jewelry, specialty foods, toys/games, and so much more. Together, these homegrown establishments help make up the identity of the Bay State and are part of the larger fabric of what is distinctively New England.

About Glassman-Jaffe, Marcia

A former travel agent, current travel researcher, and lifelong travel enthusiast, Marcia Glassman-Jaffe and her husband have traveled extensively both nationally and internationally with their three children. She is the author of Fun with the Family Massachusetts. She splits her time between Massachusetts and New Hampshire.