Scats and Tracks of the Desert Southwest

A Field Guide to the Signs of 70 Wildlife Species

Book Description

Whether you're on the lookout for a kit fox, or trying to steer clear of a bear, Scats and Tracks of the Desert Southwest, by nationally reknown tracker and author Dr. James Halfpenny, helps you recognize what critters went before you and is a primer for reading the stories written in the sand. Easy-to-use and accurate scat and track measurements on each page make this book particularly field friendly and the key to starting off your outing on the right foot!

About Halfpenny, James

James Halfpenny, PhD, and Todd Telander have collaborated on several previous FalconGuides Scats and Tracks titles covering various regions of North America. Halfpenny, one of the world’s leading experts on animal tracking, lives in Gardiner, Montana at the edge of Yellowstone National Park. Telander, a natural science illustrator and wildlife artist, lives in Walla Walla, Washington.