Touring the Springs of Florida

A Guide to the State's Best Springs

Book Description

Highlighting the finest cold springs in the state, Touring the Springs of Florida features full-color photos and in-depth descriptions for each of the springs and surrounding areas. Detailed maps, GPS coordinates, and thorough driving directions lead you every step of the way. Whether you’re tubing, swimming, snorkeling, paddling, hiking, diving, or simply sightseeing, there’s a spring for you. Grab a towel, bring a camera, don your mask and snorkel, and prepare to get wet as you begin an adventure unlike any other.

About Watson, Melissa

Melissa Watson is a professional firefighter and paramedic. An avid explorer with a passion for the outdoors, she has been camping, hiking, mountain biking, photographing waterfalls and wildlife, and spring hopping her way around the southeast for over 25 years. In the process, she’s written several other guides, including Hiking Waterfalls in Georgia and South Carolina, Hiking Waterfalls in North Carolina,Camping North Carolina, and Camping South Carolina. For more information, visit her website at