The SG Guitar Book

50 Years of Gibson's Stylish Solid Guitar

Book Description

To many vintage guitar fans it seems inconceivable that Gibson dumped the Sunburst Les Paul in 1960 and during the following year introduced a completely new design the one that we know now as the SG ( solid guitar ).ÞAt the time however it made good business sense. Sales of the Les Paul were faltering and Gibson decided to blow a breath of fresh air through its solidbody electric guitar line. The company described the result as an ultra-thin hand-contoured double-cutaway body. The modernistic amalgam of bevels and points and angles was a radical departure and this new book tells the story of all the SG models that followed: the Junior Special Standard Custom and more.ÞThere are interviews with and stories about Gibson personnel through the years and all the major SG players including Pete Townshend Frank Zappa Eric Clapton Angus Young George Harrison Gary Rossington Tony Iommi and Derek Trucks.ÞIn the tradition of Tony Bacon's bestselling series of guitar books ÊThe SG Guitar BookÊ is three great volumes in one package: a collection of drool-worthy pictures of the coolest guitars; a gripping story from the earliest prototypes to the latest exploits; and a detailed collector's database of every production SG model ever made.

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