TV Finales FAQ

All That's Left to Know About the Endings of Your Favorite TV Shows

Book Description

ÊTV Finales FAQÊ is the first book devoted exclusively to television's most memorable series finales. From Mary Richards' heartfelt goodbye to the WJM-TV newsroom in the classic finale of ÊThe Mary Tyler Moore ShowÊ to the puzzling conclusion of the enigmatic adventure series ÊLostÊ to the tumultuous final hours in the life of ÊBreaking BadÊ's Walter White ÊTV Finales FAQÊ takes an up close insightful and entertaining look at the most memorable final episodes of television's most popular prime time daytime and late night series.ÞCrafting the final episode to a long-running television series can be challenging for producers and writers who want to remain faithful to the show's characters and history yet at the same time satisfy the high expectations of its loyal fan base. ÊTV Finales FAQÊ offers television viewers the inside story on the creation broadcast and aftermath of the most famous (and infamous) final episodes of over 50 television series from the 1960s through the present day.ÞThe books features such shows as ÊDexterÊ ÊRoseanneÊ ÊWill & GraceÊ ÊThe OfficeÊ ÊThe SopranosÊ and some classic talk and late-night programs such as ÊThe Oprah Winfrey ShowÊ and ÊThe Tonight Show Starring Johnny CarsonÊ and many others.

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