Michael Jackson FAQ

All That's Left to Know About the King of Pop

Book Description

Michael Jackson may be the King of Pop but his influence extends much further. From his childhood years with the Jackson 5 through his astonishing solo career he consistently broke sales records pioneered the modern music video and infused dance into rock and pop. While his life story has been well chronicled ÊMichael Jackson FAQÊ explores the stories behind his achievements.ÞDid he play any instruments? How much of his own music did he compose? Who were his greatest influences in both music and dance? His art is his legacy and ÊMichael Jackson FAQÊ takes an in-depth look at Jackson's work with the Jackson 5 and the Jacksons in addition to his solo catalog. Learn why current artists such as Justin Timberlake Lady Gaga Justin Bieber and countless boy bands still emulate his sound look and showmanship. Questions are tackled ä such as whether ÊOff the WallÊ or ÊThrillerÊ better stands the test of time.ÞFrom his childhood in Gary Indiana through the posthumous albums this book covers lesser-known but important stories such as how Jackson influenced disco and hip-hop how his singing style transitioned from childhood to adulthood and how he learned to moonwalk.

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