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Here's the lowdown on the unforgettable show about the Forgotten War. ÊM*A*S*HÊ began as a novel written by a surgeon who had been in a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean War. After being rejected multiple times the novel would go on to become a bestseller leading to 14 sequels an Oscar-winning movie that propelled its director and actors to stardom and a multiple-Emmy-winning television series that lasted nearly four times the length of the war.ÞÊMASH FAQÊ looks at how the novel came to be its follow-ups in literary form the creation of the popular movie and ä most importantly ä the television series that transformed comedy and television in the 1970s. Included are chapters on the top-20 pranks of ÊM*A*S*HÊ the cast members' careers before and after the television show famous guest appearances and movies shown in the mess hall.ÞBeyond the fiction ÊMASH FAQÊ also features a brief chapter to put the war into perspective for easy referral ä and looks at what led to the Korean War how such medical units functioned and how ÊM*A*S*HÊ shaped our perception of the era.

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