The Spirituality of Bono

Book Description

One constant of popular culture is its value of celebrities and public figures. Some icons transcend divides and appeal to all kinds of individuals for various reasons. They are leaders in their own ways using their celebrity platforms to make a difference. Regardless of any religious or nonreligious stance their actions and insights can highlight for us particular universally spiritual concepts.ÞThis series of pocket-size books taps into that cultural value of celebrity and presents in a balanced and secular fashion words of wisdom such celebrities have spoken. Series editor Nicholas Nigro weaves together insightful quotes and gathers them by theme ( Creativity Passion Intention ) offering texts from which readers can extrapolate their own meanings and in turn find added inspiration to live their best day-to-day lives.ÞÊThe Spirituality of BonoÊ is a rich compendium of the singer's most thought provoking uplifting and persuasive words. Bono's insights zeal and good humor too are revealed in introspective frank and occasionally salty language. His spirituality and humanitarianism are heartfelt and will most definitely make readers think and if Bono has his way act to make this world a more just and humane place to live in.

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