History of Remington Firearms

The History Of One Of The World's Most Famous Gun Makers

Book Description

The name Remington is synonymous with the history of the United States, from the Civil War, the two world wars, and every skirmish in between . . . to outlaws beyond the pale, and the law enforcement officers hired to catch them. The name is equally synonymous with hunting, from casual afternoons plinking by a pond, to deer hunting in Pennsylvania, to hunting elk and antelope in the West.
The History of Remington Firearms follows the rise of the company, from Eliphalet Remington’s first handmade gun in 1816, to the dominance of the Remington factories during the early industrial era, with lavish custom-made pieces for heroes and
statesmen, with the triumph of the common man’s gun, and with the little .22, which became a part of so many childhoods.
It is also a history of innovation, of the rush to create, with the development of the first hammerless repeater, the first slide-action rifle, advances in boring, and revolutions in ammunition. And the modern classics, like the 870 pump-action “Wingmaster” shotgun, and the Model 700 bolt-action rifle. Complete with more than 150 full-color photographs, including designer drawings and pictures of the gun in use throughout history, The History of Remington Firearm is a collector’s edition for gun enthusiasts and historians alike.

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