Practical Outdoor Survival, New and Revised

A Modern Approach To Staying Alive In The Wilderness

Book Description

After selling more than 30,000 copies, this easy-to-understand guidebook has a whole new look. Using modern tools and materials, McDougall shows how today's adventurer can survive and escape far more easily than in times past. Readers learn about the life-saving value of plastic aluminum “space blankets,” makeshift compasses, building emergency shelters from everyday items, and using simple tools to enable a rescue in any terrain or weather. A must-have for the outdoorsman or anyone who regular travels in remote areas.

Len McDougall is a writer, photographer and illustrator who teaches survival techniques. He lives in Paradise, Michigan.

About McDougall, Len

Len McDougall is a full-time outdoor writer and professional photographer and illustrator with more than thirty years' experience in the North Woods. He teaches survival classes by appointment and tests outdoors products and has also worked as a field guide and tracker. His books include The Complete Tracker, The Field & Stream Wilderness Survival Handbook, Made for the Outdoors, The Outdoors Almanac, and Practical Outdoor Survival.