Field Guide to Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Sumac

Prevention And Remedies

Book Description

This handbook takes the mystery out of identifying these common weeds and provides useful antidotes for treating their irritating, itching rashes. Photos show the plants in every season, and detailed drawings help readers pinpoint the culprit in the woods or in their own backyards. Hauser distinguishes between home remedies that really work and those that can actually aggravate the poison, tells how to treat each poison differently, and explains how to prevent the offending vines from growing in the yard. The perfect reference for homeowners, parents, gardeners and hikers, this is easy to read and informative. Susan Carol Hauser is a writer and gardener who lives in Bemidji, Minnesota.

About Hauser, Susan Carol

SUSAN CAROL HAUSER is the award-winning author of seven books including A Field Guide to Ticks: Prevent and Treat Lyme Disease and Other Ailments Caused by Ticks, Scorpions, Spiders, and Mites; and Sugaring: A Maple Syrup Memoir with Instructions. A commentator on National Public Radio, she teaches writing at Bemidji State University in Northern Minnesota.